22 November 2009

a night to remember

it's gonna be the night to remember
come on now!
big fun, alright
it's gonna be the night to remember
we never ever ever forget!

finally, our last night in ktt arrived....

i'm involved in opening dance performance.. a complicated garment.. 30 minutes to wear it plus make-ups only to perform a 3-minutes dance..

guess which one i am?


is, me, etty n shahril

the tangga.. k.own loves it very much

housemates forever!fana, me, is n k.own

my 1.5 years roommate

everyone loves taking photo in this corner.. pretending to be dummy.. i'm too busy to be "the dummies" =p.. that is why i don't have any photo here

with christine, the neighbour... i really love her dress

fifi, kak own n kak lina

shahril, etty, hana-chan n nurul

as we go on we remember
all the times we had together
as our lives change comes whatever
we will still be
friends forever.....

special thanks to dewi, dynas and fana for introducing korean world to me.. without you guys, i would never knew big bang say to have their photobook(hehe~).. to shahril for escorting me to my tangga, carrying my stuffs almost everynight.. to etty, k.own, is and fifi for being such a good friend..

p/s: special thanks to big bang for all their hard works in making good musics for us, their fans.

see you guys again this March!



  1. salam..husna!!!
    ko dancing ea???walaweh!!..gle kentang..hahak!
    eh, ko kat dpn skalik tu ke tyme dance atas stage tu????

  2. hak3~
    btol la kot...ramai kat depan tuh.
    ni sume berkat tunjuk ajar ko lar..
    ajar aku basic step zapin..

  3. hekalor..bkn ko yg ajor ak brzapin ke??