10 December 2009


it had been three weeks since my looong holiday(yes,it is. approximately 8 months) starts. and in this three weeks my home was internetless which cause me like cacing kepanasan, katak bawah tempurung, kepala dalam kotak. abang had been re-formatting the computer but did not re-install the internet connection. we argued much since then with me insisted him to fix it but he refused to do so(it is easy for him to live without internet as he is not a kpop freak who lives outside korea and need the net to update with the latest news). but i have to admit, in the end of the day, i was thankful for his indifference to my complaints. because now we have streamyx!(grinning). ok, i know it is not something that i need to brag about. let me just keep it to myself why in the world i am so happy.

the first and second week going on smoothly. i stopped sleep after subuh prayer, going to kitchen to make breakfast. my(which then became our) favourite menu is rice porridge serves with peanut, anchovies, salted egg, salted radish.

problem started on the third week. i'm still trying to fix it but it seemed endless. ouch! it really hurts...

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