29 October 2009

what would u do if someone you love is dying?

i have just finished watching 'a millionaire's first love'. a 2006 (if i'm not mistaken) korean movie. it is a great movie. a simple yet touching love story. makes me cry! i love the scene where jae kyung gives eun hwa a bottle of capsules, asking her to take it 1 each day. i'm so suprised to find out each capsule actually contain a small love note (i thought it is a real capsule-a supplementary).

'sleep for 3 minutes. only 3 minutes'.
'eun hwa, it has been over 3 minutes'


p/s : does this type of guy really exists in this world? if do, tell me. (^_^)

25 October 2009


etty challenged me to sing 10 songs which have rap part in it, without seeing the lyrics, which means i have to memorize the songs. not the whole song actually. just the rap part. she gave me 29 days to work on it-she knows how much i love big bang and how much my music taste changed since i know them (i don't like rappers before-and still except big bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P and the DBSK boys-my friend call me bias for only supporting korean music and not doing the same for western-contained-rap-songs. so what if i am? do i look like i care??). and i have to do a 'show' in front of my housemates (maybe to sabotage me-i'm kind of nervous to sing alone in front of my non-housemate friends-they may invite few other friends-there is possibility) on the night before our graduation dinner.

if you think rapping is easy, try to rap 6 songs in korean, 1 in japanese, 1 in korean mix english and 2 in english, when you wasn't born to be a rapper and never rap before even in your own mother tongue plus never have so-called hidden talent or suprisingly-ability-to-rap plus don't have any clue about hangul even to read the roman version plus very BIG exam is coming which starts on this wednesday plus having endless EM-syndrome when it comes to study. quadruple plus.

a silly would accept this challenge. and i am that silly. why am i being so silly to take this silly ridiculous 'fear factor'(it IS a fear factor. the exam remember?) while i have a big exam await? for FUN of course!yeah.. for fun (plus can show-off in front of them when it works-evil laugh). i'm sick of being in tense mood in this 2 or 3 weeks. worrying whether i'm able to pass the exam so i can join my seniors in india, studying dentistry, seriously makes me puke. all i want now is a piece of heng-bok, not to worry too much.



19 October 2009

new era

i woke up at 8 today!quite-not-right as i usually wakes up at 8.45am(hey!i did perform subuh prayer..6.15..but went back to bed at 7) to shower and go straight to class at 9-exception on tuesday as class starts at 8. my mission today-and hopefully it will last for the next 4 weeks-being a so-called 'library hermit'(me myself invented this 'term'-but if it really exsist,you can laugh at me)..

since i started my senior semester, i suffers from EM-syndrome-the sufferer suffers from extra weary feeling eventhough they have done nothing(note that 'it' is 'feeling'-does not refer to the body condition) plus unstoppable laziness. yes, MALAS-syndrome(E is just for fun). i stopped going and studying at library during day. as compared to AS semester-i am a truly 'library hermit'..8.30am sharp everyday, monday to friday, i would be among the first student in ktt to be in lib(not to show-off but it is the truth).

so, starting from today, me, husna will keep up with the good deed(refering to the 'hermit' thing).. no more word 'malas' in my 'study dictionary'-in my 'life dictionary', word 'malas' can still be considered. (^_^)

note: big bang pic has nothing to do with this post. just for 'cuci mata' purpose.

16 October 2009


currently addicted to :
+ Kwon Jiyong aka G dragon
+ number 1 and heaven by big bang
+ hello by GD feat dara of 2NE1
+ bio, phy and chemy text books
+ past years exam papers

current staple foods :
+ twisties, mr potato, rocky, super ring, ramen (anyfood with E621....)
+ gardenia+nutella+cheeseeee.....
+ dutch lady full cream milk
+ rice?no no!

current mood :
+ exam
+ tense

current target :
+ doing very well in a2

HUSNA!!AJA AJA!HWAITING!i believe i can fly!!

05 October 2009

minggu lemak

minggu ni minggu lemak..
breakfast : mister potato 1 tin,pau segera karts, ayamas red hot crispy, ayamas chicken tempura, dutch lady full cream milk
lunch : nasi menggunung, ayam, ayam dan ayam yang dimasak dengan extra minyak
dinner : fries, ayamas red hot crispy, ayamas chicken tempura, telur rebus, kuetiau goreng, keropok bantal aka tam tam, marshmallow

menu hampir setiap hari..

terasa semakin jauh perkataan KURUS itu.... T_T