20 December 2009

oh my friend

if this world makes you sad
call my name whenever and wherever
i'm always your personal 911
your 5-minutes standby, yeah, yeah

the sorrow that you feel isn't sorrow
it's a rope of fate that has bonded us together
lean on me, it's okay if you cry
i'll hold you without saying a word

i'll run to you non-stop, even in the rain
through the rough wind, yeah
now i will block every heavy burden
and dark shadow behind you

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will be your friend forever
oh my friend, oh my friend
i live only because of you

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will silently be the tree behind you
oh my friend, oh my friend, my friend
i love you, my dear friend

let's rock and roll man, i don't control
close your eyes and open your heart (love and peace)
the hope you dreamed of, trust me
tell only truth without lies
even when walking straight, we limp at least once
mistakes can happen to anyone
step on your failures and get up
say goodbye to all your aching wounds

come, hold my hand and let's go
let's look for the lost dream again
let's fly together, let's brush off dust
let's go together, the person next to you as well
we can't see an end but the future is bright
there are many chances because we are young
let's love each other
let's scream louder, FREEDOM!

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will be your friend forever
oh my friend, oh my friend
i live only because of you

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will silently be the tree behind you
oh my friend, oh my friend, my friend
i love you, my dear friend

leave the boring lifestyle, as you've dreamed
run towards your dream, dear
go away, go away, let's go away, baby

big bang, no brain
once again
everybody, JUMP!

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will be your friend forever
oh my friend, oh my friend
i live only because of you

oh my friend, oh my friend
i will silently be the tree behind you
oh my friend, oh my friend, my friend
i love you, my dear friend

-'"oh my friend"-
big bang feat no brain
credit to theREALiVIPSUBS for the translation

this song is dedicated to a friend..
the song that introduced us to big bang's world..
the song that have became our most favourite..
remember friend,
i'm always your personal 911
let's fly together!
ma cheen goo~love you!


10 December 2009


it had been three weeks since my looong holiday(yes,it is. approximately 8 months) starts. and in this three weeks my home was internetless which cause me like cacing kepanasan, katak bawah tempurung, kepala dalam kotak. abang had been re-formatting the computer but did not re-install the internet connection. we argued much since then with me insisted him to fix it but he refused to do so(it is easy for him to live without internet as he is not a kpop freak who lives outside korea and need the net to update with the latest news). but i have to admit, in the end of the day, i was thankful for his indifference to my complaints. because now we have streamyx!(grinning). ok, i know it is not something that i need to brag about. let me just keep it to myself why in the world i am so happy.

the first and second week going on smoothly. i stopped sleep after subuh prayer, going to kitchen to make breakfast. my(which then became our) favourite menu is rice porridge serves with peanut, anchovies, salted egg, salted radish.

problem started on the third week. i'm still trying to fix it but it seemed endless. ouch! it really hurts...

22 November 2009

a night to remember

it's gonna be the night to remember
come on now!
big fun, alright
it's gonna be the night to remember
we never ever ever forget!

finally, our last night in ktt arrived....

i'm involved in opening dance performance.. a complicated garment.. 30 minutes to wear it plus make-ups only to perform a 3-minutes dance..

guess which one i am?


is, me, etty n shahril

the tangga.. k.own loves it very much

housemates forever!fana, me, is n k.own

my 1.5 years roommate

everyone loves taking photo in this corner.. pretending to be dummy.. i'm too busy to be "the dummies" =p.. that is why i don't have any photo here

with christine, the neighbour... i really love her dress

fifi, kak own n kak lina

shahril, etty, hana-chan n nurul

as we go on we remember
all the times we had together
as our lives change comes whatever
we will still be
friends forever.....

special thanks to dewi, dynas and fana for introducing korean world to me.. without you guys, i would never knew big bang say to have their photobook(hehe~).. to shahril for escorting me to my tangga, carrying my stuffs almost everynight.. to etty, k.own, is and fifi for being such a good friend..

p/s: special thanks to big bang for all their hard works in making good musics for us, their fans.

see you guys again this March!


19 November 2009

big bang is my VIP

my real mission yesterday was to search and buy a nice and suitable something-to-wear for the graduation dinner of class oct/nov 09 which the theme of the banquet is 'the prom night' at time square or mid.. the prom night where everyone(if not, most of them i guess) will wear beautiful luxurious evening gown(as far as i'm concerned-hehe...-it is not easy to find a cheap yet beautiful astounding admirable dress).. so, together with my fellow shopping friends, we set off to ts at 8.30am..

there is a small shop in ts, selling imported goods from korea.. i had never been there before.. knows about it from my friend.. it is 10.30am and i went to the 5th floor, in search of the long-to-go shop.. as i entered the shop(My Star-its name) my heart jumped joyfully.. loads of big bang's, dbsk's, suju's and extra2 s's posters, keychains, stickers et cetera and even socks printed with faces of the idols are also available.. but pity me, even a pair of socks rm12.90.. ah~life=money.. but, after a quick yet careful thinking and consideration, i decided to buy a pair of socks with GD's cartoon on it.. it is cute though..

i was alone in that small but cosy(obviously! surrounded by faces of my idols-eventhough they are just in posters-one can tell just by looking at my face, i am very happy as if i am surrounded by the real pretty boys) when an ahjusshi(he is the shop owner) asked me who my idol is..

big bang.
urm..uncle, do you have big bang photobook?
oh,yes! that one, the purple one up there.
can i have a look at it?pleaseee...
sure.. this one is the last piece we have. after this if someone want, we have to order it from korea. it's quite hard to get this thing. not sure if they have much stock left.

i really very wanted this photobook since forever but living in the countryside=kampung=remote area without credit card to buy it online.. everybody knows how it will turned up to be..a zero.. (nevermind..)

how much is it uncle?
oh my!

i only have rm300 and a dress costs at least a hundred.. how? how?

uncle, how about GD's heartbreaker?

aishh...too bad.. i want this album too actually...

or do you want big bang's hoodie?280..

ouch!(i love this hoodie-it is an art)..

daesung in the hoodie

i must buy it! no matter what. there is no way i will ever found this book again.. this is my one and only chance.. put aside the socks and buy the photobook......this book is the most precious thing i ever bought in my life.. it is just soooo wonderful!

but the problem now is, how am i gonna buy a dress when all my money miraculously turned into big bang photobook? urm..it is not a big problem.. i can just wear baju kurung(it is an english cotton baju kurung and totally unsuitable for a night event,but hey!who cares?i'm cool~ =p)

but i'm quite disappointed to find out the book's casing broke..accidentally maybe..hurm..


17 November 2009

breaking free!!!!!!!!!

(high school musical 'breaking free')

the very last paper ended just an hour ago!(smiling ear-to-ear) :D
soooooooo happpyyyyy~~~~~~
a year and half of hard(?) work(?) ends here.. can't wait to go back home.. have a date with k.own tomorrow.. dress hunting for prom night themed graduation dinner...

ahh~life is good~~