19 October 2009

new era

i woke up at 8 today!quite-not-right as i usually wakes up at 8.45am(hey!i did perform subuh prayer..6.15..but went back to bed at 7) to shower and go straight to class at 9-exception on tuesday as class starts at 8. my mission today-and hopefully it will last for the next 4 weeks-being a so-called 'library hermit'(me myself invented this 'term'-but if it really exsist,you can laugh at me)..

since i started my senior semester, i suffers from EM-syndrome-the sufferer suffers from extra weary feeling eventhough they have done nothing(note that 'it' is 'feeling'-does not refer to the body condition) plus unstoppable laziness. yes, MALAS-syndrome(E is just for fun). i stopped going and studying at library during day. as compared to AS semester-i am a truly 'library hermit'..8.30am sharp everyday, monday to friday, i would be among the first student in ktt to be in lib(not to show-off but it is the truth).

so, starting from today, me, husna will keep up with the good deed(refering to the 'hermit' thing).. no more word 'malas' in my 'study dictionary'-in my 'life dictionary', word 'malas' can still be considered. (^_^)

note: big bang pic has nothing to do with this post. just for 'cuci mata' purpose.

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