25 October 2009


etty challenged me to sing 10 songs which have rap part in it, without seeing the lyrics, which means i have to memorize the songs. not the whole song actually. just the rap part. she gave me 29 days to work on it-she knows how much i love big bang and how much my music taste changed since i know them (i don't like rappers before-and still except big bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P and the DBSK boys-my friend call me bias for only supporting korean music and not doing the same for western-contained-rap-songs. so what if i am? do i look like i care??). and i have to do a 'show' in front of my housemates (maybe to sabotage me-i'm kind of nervous to sing alone in front of my non-housemate friends-they may invite few other friends-there is possibility) on the night before our graduation dinner.

if you think rapping is easy, try to rap 6 songs in korean, 1 in japanese, 1 in korean mix english and 2 in english, when you wasn't born to be a rapper and never rap before even in your own mother tongue plus never have so-called hidden talent or suprisingly-ability-to-rap plus don't have any clue about hangul even to read the roman version plus very BIG exam is coming which starts on this wednesday plus having endless EM-syndrome when it comes to study. quadruple plus.

a silly would accept this challenge. and i am that silly. why am i being so silly to take this silly ridiculous 'fear factor'(it IS a fear factor. the exam remember?) while i have a big exam await? for FUN of course!yeah.. for fun (plus can show-off in front of them when it works-evil laugh). i'm sick of being in tense mood in this 2 or 3 weeks. worrying whether i'm able to pass the exam so i can join my seniors in india, studying dentistry, seriously makes me puke. all i want now is a piece of heng-bok, not to worry too much.



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