17 September 2009

ammar I

i'm home!which also means that my role as a full-time college student changed to a full-time babysitter.. being a babysitter to an always-want-to-be-carried 8 kg 6 month old baby is not an easy job as i thought before.. as a mithali(ehem..hehe..) aunty, me who usually wake up at 9am at college have to feed ammar at around 7am.. if i'm lucky enough that morning, he will fall asleep shortly after that, which the probability for that to happen is around.. hmmm.. 0.00001.. almost impossible! my duty starts around 7am until around 8.30pm.. nothing much to do actually..need to feed and play with him.. the 'not an easy job' is that this little boy which currently playing by himself (abandoned baby..hehe~), as i said earlier, always want to be carried.. holding 8 kg load.. i mean the baby..for a quite long period of time, seriously, cause my hands almost cramp.. and yesterday, my right wrist bruise because of him.. but he is still my most favourite nephew (memang de 1 anak buah je pown..haha~)
cayunk ammar! ^^

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